A burglary defendant in Fresno who was freed because a jury mistakenly signed a not-guilty form in his trial on Wednesday was killed a few hours later in a fight. After the jury error, the flabbergasted judge said he had no choice but to order Bobby Lee Pearson, 37, released because the verdict had already been put on the record. It was too late when the judge learned that the jury stalled on an 8-to-4 vote in favor of guilt. Changing the verdict form and retrying Mr. Pearson would have exposed him to double jeopardy. After his release, Mr. Pearson went to his sister’s home, where the Fresno police chief, Jerry Dyer, said he got into a fight with her boyfriend, Willie Gray, 35. Mr. Pearson was found dead, and Mr. Gray was arrested.

How about a worst memory?

One time, I went on the Letterman show and when I went out there, shaking his hand, he said, “The audience are idiots tonight. Don’t expect anything.” Or something like that.

Kanye returned one hour before the wedding and didn’t like the all-white bar that was in front of the Gold Toilet Tower. He took a saw, and started sawing it in half himself. Two men held the bar stable as he sawed, and sawed, into the bar, defacing the entire front, screaming at everyone around him. He said it looked like a bar from Texas. Then he ordered two pieces of raw wood to be nailed onto the front of the bar. Once the wood was in place, “Now,” he said, “It’s art.”
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